Charleston's açaí bowl food truck


TUESDAY 12/27: Parrot Surf Shop 10:30-4 *Last day of the season!!

Brava Bowls has a goal of increasing health awareness and sustainability. We buy as many organic and local products as possible, use solar panels to power the majority of our food truck while serving, and provide compostable single use items made from plants!
These magical berries grow on the tall palm trees in the Amazon rainforest. Containing essential nutrients and antioxidants, they're highly prized with athletes and the health conscious around the world. Açaí bowls originally gained popularity with Jiu-Jitsu fighters and surfers in Brazil after discovering their natural energy and nutritional properties. Our frozen açaí is blended into a thick frozen smooth purée and topped with fresh fruit, granola, local honey, and other delicious toppings of your choice.
Owners Dana and Norman of Charleston, SC discovered the açaí bowl through their travels and were inspired to share this unique experience with their hometown. They spent months retrofitting da Brava Bowls food truck themselves from an old retired church bus. With a passion for the ocean and nature they hope to spread good vibes through their handcrafted bowls and promote environmental preservation through sustainability. Come by da bus for Charleston's authentic açaí experience.